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POWER SUPPLY UPDATE In the 2014-2015 hydrological year Lake Kariba received significantly lower water inflows compared to last year and the long term mean inflows. This, coupled with high generation at the Kariba complex, has resulted in the lake level continuing to decline. The lake level at the end of July 2015 ...

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  • Hwange

    Situated in the North Western part of Zimbabwe, Hwange Power Station is the largest coal-fired power station with 920MW installed capacity which comprises of 4x120MW and 2x220 MW units. ...

  • Kariba

    In 1955, it was decided to dam the Zambezi River at the Kariba Gorge to supply power to Zimbabwe and Zambia. Three years later and despite many difficulties, including record ...

  • Harare

    This Power station is located in the Workington area of the capital city along Coventry road. Station 1 commissioned in 1942 had a capacity of 21MW but was decommissioned ...

  • Bulawayo

    Located in the second-largest city of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo Power Station is connected to the national grid through 11kV and 33kV systems. The plant was commissioned between 1947 and 1957 as an ...

  • Munyati

    Munyati Power Station is situated five kilometers off the Harare-Bulawayo Road at the 183-kilometre peg. Built in stages between 1946 and 1957, the thermal station originally had a capacity of ...

Generation statistics

Munyati 20MW
Bulawayo 17MW
Harare 30MW
Kariba 480MW
Hwange 415MW
TOTAL 962MW Download full report
Last Updated: 07 October 2015