Social Responsibility

Zimbabwe Power Company places immense value on its stakeholders and the communities it operates in, as demonstrated by one of our core values of social responsibility.  Our aim is to be a responsible corporate citizen and continually uplift the welfare of our communities. As such, we have embarked on various corporate social responsibility projects in each of the communities as well as sponsorship of various causes that we believe in.

ZPC has invested heavily in educating Zimbabwe’s youth though provision of scholarships, graduate training programs and apprenticeship opportunities, among others. In sport, ZPC is the proud sponsor of ZPC Kariba Football Club.

ZPC engaged in various CSR projects during the tenure of the Kariba South Extension Project.  The greatest achievement was the refurbishment of Nyamhunga stadium which gave the ZPC Kariba Football Club a befitting home ground for their matches with other PSL teams. The renovations involved the construction of a perimeter wall around the stadium, installation of an electric fence, state- of- the art changing rooms and VIP grandstands.
Other notable projects done in Kariba by ZPC include the construction of a classroom block at Mahombekombe Secondary School. The organisation also financed the construction of the Ruia Bridge in 2016 to help villagers who were struggling to access basic amenities such as schools and health facilities. ZPC also upgraded the Municipal Hospital through donating linen, electrification of the perimeter fence, and installation of a new gate for security.

The football team started off in Division One and was promoted into the elite group of players - the Premier Soccer League - in 2014.  Since then, the football team has been a force to reckon with. The team has also brought many benefits to the Kariba Community which include employment for the locals, entertainment for the people of Kariba and talent is also scouted within the local areas to give the youths an opportunity to play for the team.

ZPC runs 3 schools in Hwange namely; Megawatt Primary School, Gebuza High School and Ingagula Primary School.  The schools have a total enrolment of 1009 pupils. The schools provide sound education to the Hwange community as a whole, without focusing on ZPC employees alone.  ZPC renovated the St Patrick’s Hospital to improve service delivery at the mission hospital which most of the people in Hwange and surrounding areas depend on.
Other projects done in the Hwange community include drilling of boreholes for the chiefs and electrification of their homesteads.  The boreholes are also a source of water for the Chiefs’ surrounding communities.

ZPC runs two schools in Munyati, a primary and secondary school. The schools have a total enrolment of 1025 pupils and do not only serve ZPC employees’ children but also those living in the surrounding communities as well.

ZPC Scholarship Program
ZPC is committed to empowering the young generation academically, hence we have been running a scholarship program since 2012 which has benefitted 110 students across all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe. The scholarship is based purely on merit and is directed towards STEM students at ‘A’ level and engineering students at Undergraduate level to support Government’s bid to promote uptake of science subjects. The students are then absorbed into ZPC during the course of their studies for attachment and after completion of their undergraduate studies as graduate trainees.

In a bid to show our dedication to empowering the youth and playing our part in building the nation’s workforce we have programs in place to equip the younger generation with valuable technical skills. ZPC offers training at various levels to produce seasoned professionals and artisans. This year alone, ZPC has 295 apprentices, 234 attachés, 18 learner plant operators and 141 graduate trainees distributed across all its 5 power stations and Head Office. We not only train in technical fields but also in adminstration and finance.

As we continue to power Zimbabwe into the future we keep in mind that it is our stakeholders and communities that make us who we are. ZPC therefore remains dedicated to providing quality and reliable energy services to our stakeholders as well as making a lasting and positive impact within the communities we operate.

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