Harare Power Station is located in the Workington area of the Capital City of Harare. The station consists of two plants, namely “Harare II” and “Harare III”. Both plants have a common coal handling and water supply system. Harare 2 was commissioned in 1947 with an installed capacity of 75MW but later de-rated to 30MW.

The repowering project will replace the existing Harare II boilers with circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) boilers. CFBC technology will enable flexibility to fire a wide range of coal and also increase reliability of the plant. The project will major on upgrading of existing plant by changing the boilers to increase capacity and refurbishment of the turbo-generator sets and associated balance of plant including construction of pipeline from Lake Chivero to ensure adequate water supply.


Location: Harare Power Station

Generation Classification: Coal- fired

Project description: Brownfield

Additional Capacity: Revival of existing capacity to 60MW

Estimated Construction Period: 24 Months

Transmission Works: Nil

Estimated Project Cost: $72 Million

National Project Status: Still being processed

Status: ZPC has an EPC contract with Jaguar Overseas Limited. Funding is not available. The hold back is issue of 100% finance which is a pre-requisite to the Contractor securing Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) and Performance Security.


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