In the period under review, ZPC sent out 2300.31GWh thereby marginally surpassing the quarterly target which was set at 2292.31GWh by 0.35%.  

Kariba Power Station contributed 72% of the total energy production in the period under review, Hwange Power Station contributed 27% while the Small Thermals only contributed 1% to the total energy production during the quarter.  All eight units at Kariba were available for peak generation during the quarter and due to increased generation, the station surpassed its quarterly target by 14.17%. The output for the quarter was 6.39% above the output in Q2 2021. This is attributed to increased water allocation from 15Bm3 in 2021 to 22.5Bm3 in 2022.  From January to date, ZPC has sent out 4469.08GWh thereby surpassing the target for the period set at 4177.60GWh by 6.98%. This represents 49% of the annual target set at 9111GWh.

ZPC was allocated 22.5Bm3 by ZRA for generation in 2022. This translates to 5,312GWh and an average capacity of 606MW. The lake level increased from 478.81m at the beginning of the quarter to a maximum of 480.21 on 14th June then dropped to 470.15m at the end of June 2022. This represents a 1.34m rise in lake level over the quarter. As at the end of Q2 2022, the station had consumed 13.59Bm3 against a revised target of 13.00Bm3.

To alleviate coal supply challenges faced by thermal power stations, cabinet approved for a long term coal supply agreement which will see coal suppliers getting long term bank financing they need to expand on their production. 

The Hwange Expansion project was at 84.82% at the beginning of the quarter under review, and ended the quarter at 89.95%.  Although the project schedule had been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, recovery efforts are now being implemented to complete the project in the shortest possible time. 

The ZPC Relocation Action Programme (RAP) is progressing well with the overall progress of all construction sites at 90% with most of the houses at roof levelTwo (2) out of nine (9) construction sites (Epping Forest and Sawmills) have been completed to date.

Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) started receiving various components for the Deka project, which is funded from a USD $48.1million Line of Credit (LOC) extended by the Government of India to the Government of Zimbabwe. The first batch of 3 555 mild steel pipes was received on the 10th of July 2022. The offloading and transportation process will take approximately a month to complete as the pipes are transported in batches of 30 trucks. Works on water harnessing are at 55%. The aim is to eliminate water losses and recover approx. 750 m3/h by addressing mainly the ash handling plants, the fire hydrant system, and leaking valves in the station.

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