The Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) is pleased to announce that it surpassed its quarterly energy sent out target of 1,756.21GWh by 2.92% in the third quarter. This was attributed to the increase in water allocation at Kariba Power Station, resulting in increased generation. The output is 20.06% above the output for the same period in 2019. In the year to date, ZPC sent out 4,485.74GWh that is equivalent to 82% of the target for the period.
Output at Hwange Power Station, however remained constrained as Unit 3 and Unit 6 continued to be unavailable due to extended outages owing to funding challenges and delays caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.
Age related failures at the Small Thermals, (Harare and Munyati) resulted in the frequent shut down of the Small Thermal Power Stations.
Kariba South Power Station received an annual water allocation of 11Bm3 from ZRA which corresponds to an annual average capacity of 275MW. An upward review of 0.5Bm3 was awarded to Kariba North and Kariba South effective 1 May 2020, bringing the total water allocation to 11.5Bm3 for each utility and the average annual capacity to 294MW. A further allocation of 2Bm3 for each utility was made by ZRA after a review by the Joint Operating Committee on 16th July 2020, bringing the 2020 annual water allocation to 13.5Bm3. As at end of September 2020 the station had utilised 11.40Bm3. This means that the station remains with 2.10Bm3 for generation from October to December 2020. The station is encouraged to continue adhering to the generation levels as agreed with ZRA so as to avoid penalties due to over consumption of water and allow the lake levels to improve.
According to the energy supply balance, Hwange Power Station contributed 48% of the total energy production to the grid, while Kariba Power Station contributed 51% of the total energy production. Small thermals contributed 1%.
Construction of the Hwange 7 and 8 expansion project is on-going at 52.88% actual Progress against a Planned Progress of 67.49% for the quarter.  The overall schedule progress is behind due to the effects of Coronavirus which has adversely affected the procurement and manufacturing of equipment as personnel could not travel to or from China for manufacturing and procurement of equipment. 
ZPC currently has a total of 166 employees at the Hwange Project site, Sinohydro has a total of 1662 employees including 1197 locals and there are 198 employees including 174 locals working under the sub-Contractors. 
As part of measures against COVID-19 the Employer is ensuring compliance to Public Health requirements, and constantly monitoring the contractor living camps’ compliance to recommended measures following inspections and audits carried out by relevant stakeholders. 
Despite the challenging times, ZPC continues to build its skills capacity to meet its current and future needs. To build its future human capital capacity the organisation is still running the Scholarship Program with ten (10) beneficiaries and fifty nine (59) Trainee Plant Operators. Apprenticeship and Graduate Training programs remain key instruments in building future human capital capacity and the organisation continues to support such programs with 92 Apprentices and 32 Graduate Trainees having been in the system as of 30 September 2020.

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