POWER COLUMN 2nd Quarter 2020

Dear Stakeholders,

A number of achievements were registered during the second quarter of the year and credit goes to all members of staff for their contributions in their various work stations and departments.

In the reporting period, ZPC sent out a total of 1384.46GWh against a target of 1732.56GWh.  The output is 20.09% below target, and 38.64% below the output for the same period in 2019.  To date, the power generation unit has sent out 2678.32GWh which is equivalent to 80% of the target for the half year.

Hwange Power Station generated with an average of three units during the quarter and sent out 618.44GWh of energy, missing its quarterly target by 38.40%. This was due to the unavailability of Units 3 and 6 which have been on extended outages due to delays caused by the Covid 19 travel restrictions as well as lack of funding. Unit 5 was also unavailable throughout the month of June owing to ID fan problems, thus compromising the station’s output.

Kariba South Power Station generated with an average of seven units during the quarter and sent out 747.69GWh of energy, surpassing the quarterly target by 19.69%.  Kariba had to ramp up power generation in the month of May and June to compensate for low generation at the thermal power stations. This was enabled by a 0.5Bm3 increase in water allocation by ZRA.

The Small thermals missed their quarterly target of 103.96GWh by 82.38%. Generation was constrained as a result of frequent coal stock outs at Munyati and Bulawayo Power Stations. Frequent failure of the plant across all the Small Thermals resulted in low plant availability and potential generation loss.

Kariba Water Consumption

ZRA allocated a total of 22Bm3 of water for power generation to ZESCO and KHPC. This translated to 11Bm3 per utility at an average capacity of 275MW.  Improved inflows in Kariba dam led to an upward review of water allocation by 0.5Bm3 to each utility effective 1 May 2020, hence raising the water allocation to 11.5Bm3. The annual average capacity was thus increased from 275MW to 294MW.  It was agreed that the additional allocation be spread during the winter period when demand was high, thus, increasing the target average generation to 337MW.

An additional water allocation of 2Bm3 was awarded to each utility by ZRA in July 2020, increasing the annual water allocation to 13.5Bm3. The average generation for the period July to December was thus increased to 376MW. The station is encouraged to continue adhering to the generation levels as recommended by ZRA so as to avoid penalties on over consumption of water and allow the lake levels to improve.

Hwange 7 and 8 Expansion Project

During the 2nd quarter, the project was exposed to high impact risk events which affected its progress. The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had serious implications on the project progress as personnel cannot travel to or from China for manufacturing and procurement of equipment.  The project therefore stands at 47,5% Actual Progress against a Planned Progress of 57,0%.

Progress made during the quarter includes design component of the project which is now 92% complete.  Reviews for Technical Specifications and detail designs are ongoing for Power Plant and Transmission and Distribution works.

During this reporting period, Sinohydro progressed with both excavations and foundation construction work.  Concrete construction for Units 7 and 8 structural foundations is now complete.  Unit 7 steel structure installation is in progress at 96% complete.

Gwanda Solar Project

The Ministry of Energy and Power Development has recommended that the Gwanda Solar project be reconsidered for implementation beginning with 10 MW.  ZPC and Intratrek are engaging the necessary processes.

Industrial Relations

Despite the challenging times, and economic challenges, ZPC continues to build its skills capacity to meet its current and future needs through various programs.

To build its future human capital capacity the organisation is still running the Scholarship Program with ten (10) beneficiaries yet to complete their studies. Apprenticeship and Graduate Training programs remain key instruments in building future human capital capacity.

Looking ahead

Going forward, ZPC will continue to work towards its mandate of providing power to the nation, despite the cocktail of challenges that are surrounding the organisation.   Meanwhile, we continue to urge you to stay safe from the Corona virus, and to look after yourselves and your loved ones. 


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