Power Column 2nd Quarter


2nd QUARTER 2019


The 2nd quarter of the year was characterized by a cocktail of challenges, as Lake Levels at Kariba continued to drop. As a result, ZPC had to curtail generation at Kariba South Power Station to try and maintain the recommended generation levels of 358MW at Kariba. Unit 6 at Hwange (biggest unit) was unavailable throughout the quarter due to a rotor earth fault, and generation was also constrained due to numerous forced outages and diesel stock outs which delayed units’ return to service.

Cash flows remain a challenge for us as current allocations are inadequate to meet critical obligations. Coal suppliers faced challenges in meeting their delivery targets for the period, resulting in depleted stock levels at the Thermal Stations. Resultantly, ZPC missed the monthly generation targets for the first time in 2019. From a target of 2,440.86GWh, we sent out 2,256.28GWh of energy thereby missing the set target for the quarter by 7.56%.

The second quarter of 2019 was highlighted by the landmark signing ceremony of the Deka Project contract with Technofab of India on the 13th of May 2019.  ZPC also held its 18th Annual General Meeting, while KHPC and HESCO held their 4th and inaugural Annual General Meetings respectively.

Projects in progress include the Hwange Expansion Project which is currently at 18% to completion.  Transmission and distribution works for the project are progressing well with about 214.49 km having been cleared as at 22 July 2019.

Despite the challenging times, I would like to express my appreciation to all stakeholders for the steadfast support and confidence reposed in the company through thick and thin. It is this consistent faith and support that has enabled the company to keep its business afloat.  On that note, I am glad to report that Zimbabwe Power Company realized a profit before tax of $34.78 Million for the year ending 31 December 2018.


Going forward, we believe that with secure funding for the Bulawayo Repowering and Deka Pipeline Projects, we will be a step ahead in alleviating the power shortages we are experiencing as a nation.

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