Dear Colleagues,

As the curtains close in on 2014, I can summarize the year as having been characterized by tremendous progress.  I thank you for your continued commitment and all that you do to deliver on our purpose – to power the nation of Zimbabwe.

As a team united towards a common cause, we end 2014 stronger and better able to serve our customers. We continued throughout the year to build on our capital, and to manage through the slow-growth of our economy.

Our focus and strategy are clear:  To maximize and sustain existing supply from existing assets, increase generation capacity, improve organizational capacity and capability, have sustained financial viability, ensure zero harm to people, plant and environment, as well as effectively manage our stakeholders.  In summary, this strategic plan is the key to helping us collectively and cooperatively gain control of the future and the destiny of our organisation.

Because our key focus is centered on increasing generation capacity, we remain committed to our projects.  I am proud to mention that the Kariba South extension project was officially launched by His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe, Cde. Robert Mugabe on the 4th of September 2014.  China Exim Bank released the initial drawdown of 25% on the 31st of October, and the project officially commenced on the 10th of November 2014.  This project is expected to be completed in March 2018.  ZPC and Sino Hydro signed the EPC contract for the Hwange 7 and 8 expansion project on the 10th of October 2014.  A down payment has since been made to Sino Hydro by ZPC for the pre-commencement project work.

There has also been significant progress on the repowering of small thermals. The Harare 2 contract was signed with Jaguar Overseas Limited on the 4th of August this year and engagement of financiers is in progress.  We have also flighted the tenders for Bulawayo and Munyati repowering and await the outcome of an application for funding of the Bulawayo project submitted to the Government of India. On this same note, the Indian Government has given the Government of Zimbabwe $28.56 million for the rehabilitation of the Deka Pipeline.  Contractors are currently working on the local scope at the High and Low Lift pump stations. 

These achievements are evidence of an organization which is moving forward resolutely on the course that it has set.  Other projects which have taken significant strides include the Gairezi mini-hydro in the Eastern Highlands, solar power plants, peaking emergency power plant, and the plant improvements and rehabilitation of Hwange Power Station.

With regards to operations, we managed to send out 8799.3GWh against a target of 8769.0GWh, meaning that there is a positive variance of 0.35% since January to date. Factoring in the planned outages that are scheduled for the remainder of 2014, it is projected that ZPC will send out 9752.5GWh against a target of 9766.39GWh meaning that ZPC is likely to miss the target for 2014 by 0.15%.  Despite this miss, there is a 4.70% increase in the energy sent out this year from last year. 

Major planned outages carried out in 2014 include annual maintenance and generator stator core repairs on Kariba units 3 & 5 (including Governor Modernisation on unit 5) and major overhauls on Hwange unit 5. Major overhaul works on Hwange unit 4 are still in progress. 

The targeted output for 2015 is pegged at 9799.06GWh. This is a 0.33% increase from the 2014 target of 9766.39GWh. 

Major planned outages lined up for 2015 include:

  • Statutory inspections on Hwange units 1 & 2
  • Major overhaul on Hwange unit 6
  • Slip ring replacements on Hwange units 5 & 6
  • Annual maintenance on all Six units at Kariba
  • Kariba Generator transformer 3 replacement
  • Governor modernisation on Kariba unit 6

Aside our operations, we pride ourselves in serving as responsible citizens in the communities where we work, and in engaging our diverse stakeholders. We have contributed to these communities through supporting education, health, the environment, and social services. We also create employment for the communities in which we operate, and our dedication as a community partner is evidenced in the local events we sponsor and in the engagements we have with our local communities and stakeholders.  This year, ZPC found a new love in football, with the Kariba Football Club making its entry into the Premier Soccer League and achieving 2nd position in their debut year.  We are proud of them and wish them all the success in the future.

The New Year will bring its own mix of successes and challenges, but our direction is clear and we know what we must do. Our job is to continue to focus on doing the best we can to sustain generation, and to ensure that our projects are well implemented in order to improve on capacity. 

Once again, I appreciate all of your great work this year; it is because of you, that I have such great confidence in our future.

On this note, I would like to wish you some well-deserved rest with family and friends during this festive season.



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