Dear Stakeholders,

It is my pleasure to address you for the very first time this year and I hope that 2019 has started off on a good note.

Despite economic challenges that we are facing as a country, we have remained resilient and continue to strive towards our main goal of providing electricity to our nation. A lot of progress has already been realized within our projects and I would like to commend every employee for hitting the ground running. May we continue to have that team spirit and the drive to working towards achieving each goal we have set.

ZPC sent out a total of 2,457.55GWh of energy in the 1st quarter of 2019, thereby surpassing its target of 2,043.56GWh by 20.26%. Production at the Thermal Stations during the first quarter of 2019 was however constrained due to various issues faced at Hwange which resulted in the shutting of some units and delayed return to service. The low coal stocks situation was fueled up by price increases and to cater for the constrained output from the thermal stations, generation at Kariba had to be ramped up.


From the energy supply balance, it can be observed that Kariba Power Station contributed 65% of the energy, with Hwange contributing 33% while the Small thermals contributed 2% to the total energy production during the quarter.

Kariba’s performance was fairly smooth during the quarter. The target was surpassed by 50.73%. This is mainly attributed to the increased generation to cater for the shortcoming of the thermal power stations. The increased generation coupled together with low river flows in the Kariba catchment area prompted Zambezi River Authority to reduce the water allocation from the initial allocation of 19Bm3 to 17Bm3. The station consumed 6.72Bm3 in the first quarter leaving the station with only 10.38bm3 for generation for the rest of the year which corresponds to an average monthly capacity of 358MW.

We are therefore encouraged to continue adhering to the stipulated generation levels as recommended by Zambezi River Authority so as to avoid penalties due to over consumption of water, and a potential inadvertent shutdown of the Kariba complex.

Despite the challenges we are facing, we have drawn up a comprehensive action plan in order to address them and improve our dependable capacity.  This includes refurbishments of critical machinery at Hwange Power Station, repowering of small thermals, partnering to generate and practising asset management excellence.

In addition to this, ZPC is currently putting maximum efforts towards new projects which will result in addition of more power on the national grid. These have been prioritised at company and national level and they include Hwange 7 and 8 Expansion project which commenced on 1 August 2018. Design reviews, site works and units 7 and 8 works are in progress. The National Project Status for the project has been renewed by the Ministry of Finance and the project was nominated for Rapid Results Initiative (RRI). Construction work on the project is progressing well. Works in progress include Design Reviews, Employers’ Accommodation construction, Site temporary Works, Excavations, Transmission Works and the Site levelling works which are now at 97.8% complete.

The project’s first concreting milestone, Unit 7 main power building foundation concrete pouring was achieved on 01 March 2019. Boiler, Turbine and Generator reviews and due diligence on the Authorised Independent Inspection Authority for the boiler (AIIA) were carried out in China.


The quarter was highlighted by activities in the Repowering Projects as follows;

·         Bulawayo repowering project prequalification process was well underway in India.

·         Deka Extension project tender for the Feasibility Study Consultant. Tender Adjudication was completed and recommendation sent to PRAZ.  Expression of Interest (EOI) for Topograhical and Geotechnical Survey was advertised.

·         Harare Repowering Contract revalidation with Jaguar Overseas Limited (JOL)


In view of all these activities being carried out, ZPC endeavors to achieve the set target of zero harm to our people, plant and environment in our day to day operations.  During the first quarter of 2019, six (6) lost time injuries (LTIs) were recorded in ZPC as a whole. The cumulative Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) for ZPC for the 1st Quarter stands at 3.83. We may have done relatively well in this area, but more needs to be done by all.

ZPC remains committed towards empowering the young generation and imparting valuable skills to them in a conducive and professional environment. To this end, we have in training 137 graduate trainees, 161 apprentices, 336 students on attachment, 24 trainee operators and 36 scholarship students. We are proud of our contribution towards manpower development in the country and look forward to enrolling more of these students in future.

As we embark on the 2nd quarter, may we keep in mind our goal and vision to power our nation into the future, and continue working towards it as a team.

God bless you all.


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