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Dear Stakeholders

In the 3rd quarter of 2018, ZPC increased its efforts to ensure reliable supply of electricity in the country. To this end, power supply has been very stable and we have made substantial progress in our projects.

ZPC surpassed its production target for the 3rd quarter by 19.10%, having sent out a total of 2,521.27GWh of energy against a target of 2,116.99GWh.  Performance was 24.21% above the output for 3rd quarter, 2017. This positive achievement can be attributed to the increased generation at Kariba Power Station, following the increased water allocation by Zambezi River Authority by 3Bm3 in August, thereby increasing the average output for the remaining months of the year to 831MW.  This came as a welcome development to ZPC as it resulted in increased generation at Kariba South Power Station which now has a generation capacity of 1050MW owing to the recent commissioning of the 2 X 150MW additional units. For the year to date, ZPC sent out 6342.54GWh, surpassing the target for the period by 4.92%.


The third quarter was highlighted by two of our projects - Hwange Expansion and Deka Upgradation, being incorporated into the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI). RRI is a government initiative which seeks to achieve tangible results and accelerate results-producing and momentum-building projects within 100 days or less.


The Hwange Expansion project officially kicked off on the 1st of August 2018 and commencement works which include excavations and design reviews are ongoing.  The scope of major works for the Hwange Expansion project requires construction of a new powerline which shall encroach in several rural and peri- urban communities between Hwange and Bulawayo. In agreement with our value of uplifting the welfare of our communities, we shall be implementing a Resettlement Action Plan which seeks to resettle and compensate those affected by the construction of the new powerline for Unit 7 and 8.


As part of continuous improvement in our operations and observing quality standards, we continually explore various methods and technologies which have the potential to improve our operations.  ZPC is currently looking into Plasma Ignition Technology for our thermal power stations, an innovation which will significantly improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.


ZPC recorded a total of four (4) Lost Time Injuries for the Quarter under review. The cumulative Loss Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) for ZPC for the 3rd Quarter stands at 2.35 which is within the ZPC Target limit of 3.0, further demonstrating our efforts towards our obligation to preserving occupational health and safety standards.


As we slowly close the curtains on 2018, we shall continue making strides towards making our projects a resounding success and accomplish our ultimate goal of achieving self-sustenance in electricity as we power Zimbabwe into the future.

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